The Blue Bicycle

Author: Regine Deforges
Publisher: Ace Books
ISBN: 9780441068647
Format: PDF, Mobi
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World War II uproots the lives of the Bordeaux vineyard-owning Delmas family and forces willful Lea Delmas to assume an adult role as protectress of her rival Camille and as courier for the Resistance

IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook

Author: Aaron Guzman
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787285170
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Over 80 recipes to master IoT security techniques. About This Book Identify vulnerabilities in IoT device architectures and firmware using software and hardware pentesting techniques Understand radio communication analysis with concepts such as sniffing the air and capturing radio signals A recipe based guide that will teach you to pentest new and unique set of IoT devices. Who This Book Is For This book targets IoT developers, IoT enthusiasts, pentesters, and security professionals who are interested in learning about IoT security. Prior knowledge of basic pentesting would be beneficial. What You Will Learn Set up an IoT pentesting lab Explore various threat modeling concepts Exhibit the ability to analyze and exploit firmware vulnerabilities Demonstrate the automation of application binary analysis for iOS and Android using MobSF Set up a Burp Suite and use it for web app testing Identify UART and JTAG pinouts, solder headers, and hardware debugging Get solutions to common wireless protocols Explore the mobile security and firmware best practices Master various advanced IoT exploitation techniques and security automation In Detail IoT is an upcoming trend in the IT industry today; there are a lot of IoT devices on the market, but there is a minimal understanding of how to safeguard them. If you are a security enthusiast or pentester, this book will help you understand how to exploit and secure IoT devices. This book follows a recipe-based approach, giving you practical experience in securing upcoming smart devices. It starts with practical recipes on how to analyze IoT device architectures and identify vulnerabilities. Then, it focuses on enhancing your pentesting skill set, teaching you how to exploit a vulnerable IoT device, along with identifying vulnerabilities in IoT device firmware. Next, this book teaches you how to secure embedded devices and exploit smart devices with hardware techniques. Moving forward, this book reveals advanced hardware pentesting techniques, along with software-defined, radio-based IoT pentesting with Zigbee and Z-Wave. Finally, this book also covers how to use new and unique pentesting techniques for different IoT devices, along with smart devices connected to the cloud. By the end of this book, you will have a fair understanding of how to use different pentesting techniques to exploit and secure various IoT devices. Style and approach This recipe-based book will teach you how to use advanced IoT exploitation and security automation.

Highlander Unbound

Author: Julia London
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743488687
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Anicet Or the Panorama

Author: Louis Aragon
Publisher: Atlas Press (GB)
ISBN: 9781900565691
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This novel, much of it written amidst the horror of the trenches when Aragon was a medical orderly during the First World War, demonstrates the chasm that separates the works of the artists and writers of what would become Dadaism and those, say, of the English War poets. Aragon's precisely crafted and sardonic prose reveals a world that is no more than a tragic puppet show, with every scene self-evidently staged. This furious tempest of a book launched Aragon's career and is one the cornerstones of the Paris Dada movement.

Proceedings of the 18th Conference of the Simone de Beauvoir Society

Author: Andrea Duranti
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443868507
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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On April 14, 1986, Simone de Beauvoir died in Paris. She was the “prettiest Existentialist”, who during her long and intense life had observed, described, analytically deconstructed and effectively changed the world that surrounded her, “one word at a time”. An engaged intellectual like her life partner and comrade Jean-Paul Sartre, she took actively part in most of the main social and political struggles of the 20th century, including, first and foremost, women’s emancipation and self-determination, as well as the decolonisation of French Algeria, and the denouncement of American imperialism in Vietnam and the marginalisation of elderly people in contemporary societies. This collection of essays, arising from the 18th International Conference of the Simone de Beauvoir Society held in Cagliari, Italy, in June 2010, provides a major contribution to the field of Beauvoirian studies with up-to-date research provided by scholars from a variety of disciplines that range from French literature to gender studies, from philosophy to social sciences, offering a multifaceted overview on the “state of the art” of research on the life and the works of Simone de Beauvoir, 30 years after her demise.

Autobiography and Independence

Author: Debra Kelly
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 9780853236597
Format: PDF, Docs
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InAutobiography and Independence, Debra Kelly examines four accomplished Francophone North African writers—Mouland Feroan, Assia Djebar, Albert Memmi, and Abdelkeacute;bir Khatibi—to illuminate the complex relationship of a writer's work to cultural and national histories. The legacies of colonialism and the difficulties of nationalism run throughout all four writers' works, yet in their striking individuality, the four demonstrate the ways in which such heritages are refracted through a writer's personal history. This book will be of interest to students of Francophone literature, colonialism, and African history and culture.

A rain of words

Author: Irène Assiba d'. Almeida
Publisher: Univ of Virginia Pr
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Although the past two decades have seen a wide recognition of the notable fiction written in French by African women, little attention has been given to their equally significant poetry. A Rain of Words is the first comprehensive attempt to survey the poetic production of these women, collecting work by forty-seven poets from a dozen francophone African countries. Some are established writers; others are only beginning to publish their work. Almost none of the poems here have been published outside of Africa or Europe or been previously translated into English. The poems are accompanied by brief biographies of the poets. Supplementing these are a critical introductory essay by Irčne Assiba d'Almeida that places women's poetry in the context of recent African history, characterizes its thematic and aesthetic features, and traces the process by which the anthology was compiled and edited, an essay by Janis A. Mayes discussing language politics, the cultural contexts within which the poetry emerges, and literary translation strategies, and an extensive bibliography. This landmark bilingual collection--the result of ten years of research, collection, editing, and translation--offers readers of English and French entry into a flourishing and essential genre of contemporary African literature.