Plague and Cholera

Author: Patrick Deville
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 1405526807
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Paris, May 1940. Nazi troops storm the city and at Le Bourget airport, on the last flight out, sits Dr Alexandre Yersin, his gaze politely turned away from his fellow passengers with their jewels sewn into their luggage. He is too old for the combat ahead, and besides he has already saved millions of lives. When he was the brilliant young protégé of Louis Pasteur, he focused his exceptional mind on a great medical conundrum: in 1894, on a Hong Kong hospital forecourt, he identified and vaccinated against bubonic plague, later named in his honour Yersinia pestis. Swiss by birth and trained in Germany and France, Yersin is the son of empiricism and endeavour; but he has a romantic hunger for adventure, fuelled by tales of Livingstone and Conrad, and sets sail for Asia. A true traveller of the century, he wishes to comprehend the universe. Medicine, agriculture, the engine of the new automobile, all must be opened up, examined and improved. Ceaselessly curious and courageous, Yersin stands, a lone genius,against a backdrop of world wars, pandemics, colonialism, progress and decadence. He is brought to vivid, thrilling life in Patrick Deville's captivating novel, which was a bestseller and shortlisted for every major literary award in France.

Naples in the Time of Cholera 1884 1911

Author: Frank M. Snowden
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521893862
Format: PDF
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This is a medical and social history of Italy's largest city during the cholera epidemics of 1884 and 1910-11. It explores the factors that exposed Naples to risk; it examines such popular responses as social hysteria, riots, and religiosity; and it traces therapeutic strategies.The book is the first extended study of cholera in modern Italy, and it sets Naples in a comparative international framework. The disease is also related to larger historical issues, such as the nature of liberal statecraft, the 'southern question', mass emigration, organised crime, and the medical profession.

Et Elle Juste Entre La Peste Et Le Cholera

Author: Hubert Bonnier
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781984084644
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Un r�cit des Chemins de la vie en somme, avec ses crois�s, raccourcis et tunnels, ponts et montagnes, d�tours printaniers ou autoroutes que d'autres ont fait pour vous, labyrinthes de ses drogues et �changeurs mal indiqu�s...Et puis quelques voies sans issues, comme la rue � Monsieur Pierre �, une impasse dans une dr�le de ville Africaine, o� se retrouve ce gros chat de goutti�re (Le narrateur), noeud papillon et contre bassiste dans un dessin anim�, pour qui la vie n'avait toujours �t� qu'un jeu jusqu'ici.A moins d'un trou de souris, qu'il vient de rep�rer...Mais Elle, (la souris), survivant juste entre la peste et le chol�ra, �tait trop belle....Mes 7ans au Congo.