Ashes on Ice

Author: Georges Lafontaine
Publisher: Breakwater Books
ISBN: 9781550812367
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sitting on the stoop of the old house he'd built many years before, Achille mou s the recent death of his beloved Adela. Reminiscing about their life together, Achille comes up with the idea of taking his sweetheart's ashes from their home in the Ottawa Valley region back to Newfoundland, her native earth, to which she had always longed to retu . Will the tumultuous waters of the Ottawa River, the Saint Lawrence and its estuary, prove too great a challenge for Achille's courage and determination? And what of those who endeavour, in the name of order and the common good, to prevent him from accomplishing his mission? Achille's quest is a search for individual freedom, a moving appeal to tolerance, common sense, as well as respect for the values and potential of every individual.